The RISE Collective - Signature Survivor Cuff

$ 98.00

OUR MISSION: Born Free. Live Fearless.
Join us in the fight against modern day slavery. With every purchase, The RISE Collective provides a life essential to a survivor or at-risk child of slavery that will help educate, empower and protect them from a life of enslavement. We believe that everyone is a survivor who has the right to be born free and to live fearless.

WHY YOU MATTER: Community of Changemakers
With your contribution, you join our community of changemakers by shining a light and starting the conversation about modern day slavery. Wherever and whenever you wear your cuff, you become an ambassador, beacon and champion of hope, freedom and fearlessness. The cuff that you purchase:

  1. Raises awareness about modern day slavery in your community and on a global scale
  2. Creates fair wage jobs that provide healthcare and benefits for artisans in need and educational stipends for their children
  3. Provides a life saving essential to a survivor or at-risk child of slavery that is the equivalent to one of the following:
        • 1 year worth of school supplies
        • 1 month worth of nutrient rich school meals
        • 1 leadership camp session
        • 1 brand new set of school uniforms
        • 1 vital medical treatment
        • 1 week worth of emergency assistance for the entire family

    MEANING: Survivor
    Translated to mean “Survivor”, the beautifully designed script of this Signature Survivor Cuff says ‘nhia no roa’ in Khmer, the ancient Sanskrit based language of Cambodia. Chic, classic and simple on the outside, the interior of the cuff is intricately inscribed with an intimate message of freedom. Hidden within the cuff also lies the geocoordinates of Cambodia, the home country of the survivors that you will personally be helping through your support, keeping those who may be physically far, always near and dear to your heart.

    MATERIALS & MANUFACTURING: From Bombs To a Better Tomorrow
    Recycled from brass munitions, each piece is meticulously handcrafted and polished by local fair wage artisans in need, in an effort to create sustainable dignified jobs and preserve traditional Cambodian craft. 

    Adjustable open cuff
    Unisex - One size fits most
    1.25” opening
    2.4” diameter length
    2” diameter height

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