A philanthropic jewelry design company, our mission at Mei Elizabeth is to design and curate jewelry and accessories for the greater good. Featuring one of a kind and bespoke pieces from the Mei Elizabeth line, as well as unique finds that Mei has hand sourced herself during her travels around the world, every piece is as giving in nature as it is beautiful by design.

Putting the compassion back into fashion, every purchase made will help a person in need. We at Mei Elizabeth pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to UNHCR, to help in their relief efforts of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehousing refugees who have been displaced from their home country due to war, genocide, natural disasters and political, racial and religious persecution. In this incredible world we live in, everyone deserves a place to call home.

As the daughter of concentration camp survivors and war refugees herself, our founder and creative director, Mei Elizabeth Tan, knows first hand how a little help and positive support can make all the difference in someone's life. Because without the help of UNHCR, and the kindness of strangers, she wouldn't be here today.

At Mei Elizabeth, we believe that to do good is to live well.

To continue sharing the love and light - we have created The RISE Collective, our latest collection handcrafted from recycled munitions by local fair wage Cambodian artisans to fight modern day slavery. With every purchase, we provide a year's worth of school supplies to a child in need - empowering them through education.



*Mei Elizabeth's mother, father, older sister and brother at the UNHCR sponsored Khao-I-Dang Refugee Camp in Thailand along the Thai-Cambodian border; circa 1980.