Ireland. 24k Gold Dipped Emerald Green Uvarovite Pendant and 18k Gold Chain Necklace

$ 285.00

Found in Russia, this unique emerald green Uvarovite Drusy stone is one of the rarest Garnets available and is absolutely stunning in depth, weight, quality and color. The Uravorite is dipped in 24k gold vermeil and hangs on a substantial and adjustable 18k gold filled 27" chain. Gemstone measures approximately 1.5" in length, 1" in width and .25" in depth. Wearing this statement piece will definitely give a tasteful punch of color and revive any outfit.

This necklace is one of a kind as each stone is hand sourced and no two are ever the same. Therefore each piece varies slightly in size and shape but always maintains the same level of beauty. I only have a handful of these stones left as they are becoming more rare over time to source.

Spiritual and Healing Properties:

Inspired by the rolling green hills of Ireland, Uvarovite carries the vibration of individuality, independence, and optimism. It stimulates the Heart Chakra and enhances spiritual relationships. Physically, it is said that Uvarovite strengthens the heart and other organs. It aids in detoxification and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It emotionally brings a sense of self-worth and assists in healing emotional wounds caused by feelings of scarcity.

This is a calm and peaceful stone, helpful in experiencing solitude without loneliness. Spiritually it helps us recognize the universal and endless nature of the soul, and heals the feeling of lack and insufficiency in all aspects..

Comes beautifully gift wrapped in a gift box and raffia ribbon ready for gifting.

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